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What is a Legal Title Check?

A legal title check is a process that is conducted to confirm the property's legal ownership and to find out that the property is free from any kind of legal obligations.

What's the Role of a Legal Expert?

A legal expert conducts in-depth research about the property and gathers all the information. They are responsible for searching & verifying titles, examining real estate records and compiling a list of mortgages, contracts and more. Hence, they ensure that the property in question is free from any kind of legal obligations.

When should you opt for Legal Title Search?

Conducting a title search becomes important when you are planning to buy a commercial or residential property. Before you buy a property, ensure that it is free from any kind of legal tussles or its title is free of any claims, liens, or other issues that can land you in trouble if not verified.

What information is covered in a legal title check report?

A legal title check report reveals all the information related to property taxes, issues with deed documentation (if any), unresolved ownership claims, and if the current owner is legally entitled to sell the property or not.

What is the procedure of legal title check and how long does it take?

A legal title check procedure is conducted by a legal expert who checks the previous records and the current status of the property whether it is mortgaged or free from any claims. Not only this, but it also determines that the current seller has the absolute right to sell the property. This whole process takes up to 7 - 10 days.

How does it Work?

Step 1
We will connect you to the legal experts
Step 2
Documents are provided by the buyer (Assistance will also be provided even if the documents are unavailable)
Step 3
All the documents are carefully validated by a team of property lawyers
Step 4
The lawyers submit all the findings in a report & resolve all the queries on a call

Frequently Asked Questions

The property legal title check must happen at the time when a person plans to purchase a property or take a home loan or when a person is taking a property on a long-term lease for commercial use.

Nowadays, the cost of properties ranges from lakhs to crores. Hence, it is wise enough to get the property documents verified before you invest. This process lets you enjoy a smooth transition.

Documents that need to be verified before buying a property are - an occupancy certificate, building plan, encumbrance certificate, no objection certificate, sale deed, will, conveyance deed, agreement to sell, power of attorney, and mutation details.

This procedure is conducted by expert property lawyers who examine the property papers diligently and make sure that you are investing in the right property.

As a layman, one can verify the basic details whereas a legal expert will oversee the in-depth details, conducts research, and provide accurate information. Hence, hiring a legal expert is necessary for the title search.

Documents Required for Legal Title Check Copy of original Conveyance Deed (sale, partition, gift, will) or the latest registered document. Patta or Khatha or 7/12 extract or Jamabandi or Mutation Deed. Non-Encumbrance Certificate Latest Conversion Certificate, Property tax Receipt. Fire NOCs, permissions from Water Board/ Electricity Board/ Inspector of Lifts (Additional documents for commercial buildings). RERA Approval, if any. Electricity Bill and Property Tax Receipts (latest). Court documents.

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